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10 Brutal Hilarious Comics for people who love ‘Dark Humour’

Comics play a healthy role in our daily life, they cheer us up and make hard things go away easily. Good comics are rare and the artists behind the comics are a genius because they watch the society in a totally different way. They invest their creativity in the comics like an individual who has a deep insight into the life and its matters.

We didn’t forget to admire the knowledge and art of these people that’s why not only we are sharing these art pieces of “Dark Humor” but we are also trying to give these artists their due credit.

#1 Bear Attack …

#2 Please don’t eat me alligator

#3 Welcome to hell!

#4 I’ll finally understand women

#5 Hello Darkness

#6 Shark, we’re done for!

$7 Someday you’ll be beautiful like me!

#8 Why are you wearing a tie?

#9 Where are you heading friend?

#10 Rise Shadow Lord, I wanna do your bidding!

#11 Oh, what’s this?

#12 Life hits you hard

We hope that you enjoyed these comics which we have compiled from the different internet sources. These artists spend their time thinking about an idea and then giving it a reality through their creativity. Don’t forget to give it a share as a token of appreciated.

The last comic is rather true, life sure does hit hard in certain periods and one doesn’t understand the clout of its adversary. The rest comics depict life and are taken from many common areas. It wouldn’t be strange if you find your life to be pretty close to the scenarios described in images above.

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