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100,000 spring breakers take over South Padre Island for drug and booze-filled celebration

The revellers will do everything to get that specific feel of adrenaline. The students from around the USA have gathered to celebrate the spring break in the most lucid manner. They are having beer parties and want to go naked and drunk. Thousands of college kids have already reached the Rockstar beach to celebrate their week of spring break. These parties on beaches are not normal since they involve huge consumption of booze and drugs. These groups can be found in the tiny resort town of Southe Padre Island, Texas.

The huge crowd was found at Clayton’s beach bar amounting to 10,000 a day. The young women were seen participating in the wet-shirt competition while the men were chanting to encourage them for more raunchy poses. Daily Mail did nice while covering the entire party and the young people entering into the wild experience. The bars and clubs are raking in around $2.8m in mixed beverage sales alone and this number is quite huge.

Lia Heintz

The authorities had to ship in extra police officers after watching the huge flux of students pouring in for the recreational activities.  Student Lia Heintz was interviewed and she said that her parents were a bit possessive about her when she decided to come to the party at South Padre, but she has had the best experience ever after getting here.

Many party-goers were later evacuated on the stretchers, all thanks to the long sessions of drinking.

The student carried away!

The authorities have asked the concerned departments to set up a mobile 36-best hospital. There are no hospitals on the island and the closest is around 30 miles from all the festivities. The concerned individuals of emergency response say that they are treating it as a planned disaster.

The girls on the stage were seen pulling off x-rated performance. The guys were chanting to encourage the girls to do more raunchy stuff and some girls even responded to the call. Many of the girls decided to unbutton their undergarments as a show for entertainment.

One of the bar owners told DailyMail that his bar normally serves the families coming for vacation but the trend breaks during March. As the March starts, his bar seems to be like a wild place encamping around hundreds of students ranging between 18 – 20 years of age. These students come to celebrate the spring break.

A girl in the above picture shows off her beer drinking skills while keeping a balance on the shoulders of her male partner. There were several students in groups who were keen to celebrate their off time. Many old age people were looking at these parties in dismay and they clearly were not liking the attire.

There were students who were over drunken making them incapable of barely walking the beach.

Do you support such wild events?

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