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12yo girl to undergo “LIVE” DNA test for finding out father of her baby, either stepfather or brothers!

Just before I was about to think good for reality TV shows, another promo of a show comes up promoting a live DNA test of a girl in order to determine the possible father. Reality shows are good but a lot of them are said to be scripted in order to create more hype in the audience.

A Ukrainian schoolgirl has to undergo a LIVE DNA test. The show will be aired on primetime TV this week. The girl, Tanya Luchishin will have to undergo a live DNA test in order to get the father of her baby recognised. She already has faced a big ordeal of getting pregnant at the age of 11. Now, the media and her family is forcing her to go through another ordeal. She had claimed previously that she got pregnant by a neighbour who did the act with her when he was 17-year-old. But the reality TV show wants to find out the real father.

The galling TV show later released a DNA test which showed that the baby DNA was not of a match with that of the neighbour which was mentioned by Tanya. After having some interrogation the already worried Tanya with tears in her eyes accepted the fact that she was brutally molested by one of her family members too.

12yo Tanya while holding the baby in her arms

In order to find the reality, the show is now going to broadcast live DNA test. Tanya’s stepfather Ivan Eremin, brother Volodya 15yo, and her half-brother Viktor 17yo will be tested for being the possible father. Tanya will confront the truth live on the screen which she hid for almost a year for being too afraid.

The stepfather says that he’s okay with the live test because he has nothing to take with the matter since he knows that he isn’t guilty of such a heinous crime. The brother of the girl had his arm bandaged on the previous episode of the show because he had a fight with his schoolmates who made fun of him because of the show’s DNA test promotion.

Brother’s Image, Credits: DailyMail

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