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25yo maths teacher charged with ‘sharing bed’ for molestation of three teen students

I don’t know that what the world is coming to but definitely news like these aren’t a good sign for humanity and civilization. A female teacher is behind the bar who got accused of molestation of three pupils.

Erin McAuliffe is 25 years old adult and she got arrested by police only after the colleagues and students got interviewed. Interviewing the staff and students both were a part of police investigation. The interviews concluded that the teacher must be arrested for doing immoral acts with the students. The investigation took a month-long time. The police got involved in the case when the administration of the school tipped the cops about an alleged misconduct. The place of the misconduct was not school, in fact, it was carried out somewhere away.

The maths teacher has been charged with 3 counts of abuse with the student and one of the indecent liberties with a minor. She was working for the first time on a full-time job as a teacher in Rocky Mounty. The teacher also used to offer after-school tutoring in order to help students with their curriculum. We are not sure that what made her commit such a crime but definitely, she needs some counseling and the students who suffered from such a calamity they’ll have an imprint of all the immoral acts in the upcoming life. Though, the time heals every wound.

We have been fully cooperative with local law enforcement during the course of their handling of this matter.” – said her boss in an interview

Such an act is not something to be appreciated and the government must do something in order to cut down such activities. The students are sent to school in order to learn something good. The role of a school is to groom the kids and make them a good citizen in the future.

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