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26yo molests & assaults 72yo old woman then smothers her to death

This is not a usual cringe post, rather it is on another level, ignore all the things at the moment and don’t read this story if you are weak hearted. A drunk guy has killed a woman who was old enough to be his grandmother.

Craig Keogh is accused of murdering frail Jane Hings who was 72 years of age. She was found dead at her residence in Felckney, Staffordshire. According to the court documents the guy had taken up drugs and was heavily under the influence before he broke into the old woman’s home and performed chaos.

Keogh used to walk Mrs Hings’ dogs and he lives in a caravan in the village.

The prosecutor told the court that the boy had assaulted and molested the old woman twice before even killing her to death. He then stole her wedding and engagement rings from her fingers. She told the jury that he then took her purse, handbag, cash and other items. Later, he used a pillow to kill the lady to death.

“Jane Hings met her death at the hands of Craig Keogh, we say in the early hours between 1.20am and 2.30am whilst under the influence of drink and drugs.”

“Craig Keogh went into Jane Hings’ house while she was in bed.”

“While she was alive she was raped. She was also smothered – we think by the pillow that was found under her head”

Mrs Hings was discovered dead by two carers who used to visit her daily because of her frail and floundering condition. After the murderer got arrested he told the authorities that he had agreed with Mrs Hings to visit her that night and perform physical intimacy.

He claimed that he went over on the evening of September 23 and she paid him 200 pounds. However, the prosecutor told the court that the CCTV footage obtained disapproved the version of the events as stated by the Keogh.

Keogh denies murder, assault and burglary. The trial continues at moment.

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