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5 Best and Worst sleeping positions for couples illustrated with Comparison

Living with someone reveals a lot of things about their personality. Sometimes the internet is criticised for lacking this element of physical exposure with other fellow beings. Many people use dating sites and other venues to get the right kind of people for their need, but once they develop a relationship it becomes necessary for them to meet in person with each other.

The real game starts from this point, the first dates, the first kiss and the first exposure of any sort is mostly based on the idealism. Both contenders try their best to promote an ideal situation.

Fast forward, after meeting each other most people marry or start a live-in relationship. SUMMINGLY has created some illustrations for such people. Hope you will enjoy these illustrations.

1 – The Spoon Vs The Medusa

The above illustration shows the downside of one sleeping position while it compares it with a better counterpart.

2 – The Nook Vs The Head Lock

The nook should be properly done or it can be harmful to your sleeping partner. Look at the illustration on the right side, the male partner is kind of choking the other male.

3 – The Cold Fusion Vs The Boa Constrictor

The cold fusion is the right way to sleep with your partner. The Soa Constrictor is crooked form of the cold fusion which might cause harm to your relationship.

4 – The Barely There Vs The Fugitive:

The fugitive way of sleeping is surely going to kick off your partner right away from the bed. The next morning will not prove good to someone experimenting with ‘the barely there’ while stretching it to ‘the fugitive’ one.

5 – The Triangle Offense Vs The Furry Barnacle

This sleeping position explains well to the couples having a pet in their life. This is the last illustration and we don’t have further sleeping positions to be added. If you believe you practice another sleeping position with your partner then make sure to share it us in the comments.

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