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5th adult star dies after she leaves a tragic Instagram clue to her death

The entertainment industry is saddened after it came to learn about the death of an adult star in a matter of lesser than 3 months, the recent death happened to Olivia Lua who was a 23-year-old actress featuring in adult films and was fighting with her personal issues. The agency of Olivia Lua who was sometimes called as Olivia Voltaire confirmed the report that the actress passed away while she was a part of a Rehab Centre.

It is a fact worth noting that she is the fifth actress who has passed of in less than the last 3 months. The agency of the actress named LA Direct Models released an official statement.

Much comment has recently been made on the number of adult stars having passed in the last year and with great sadness we must inform that the list has grown longer. We learned today that Olivia Lua passed away this morning – may she rest in peace.

The actress was at the Rehab Centre and her fans were waiting for her to make a comeback in the industry. The social profiles of the actress are filled up with the single clue of her death which is also present in her Instagram description.

All I ever wanted was to be free

This appeared to be her life motto which she had written on her various social profiles. The fans are paying tribute to the adult actress online and one of the fans wrote:

“RIP I hope you’re free now.”

Another person wrote: “God is with u. We’re so sad that it happened”.

Olivia Lua

The adult industry is currently facing a crisis and they are worried over the sudden deaths happening to a number of girls in the last two month. This death is followed by the demise of the August Ames who died after she faced a strong backlash from the online bullies. The other adult stars who shared the same fate include Shyla Stylez, Olivia Nova and Yuri Luv.

Olivia Lua

Olivia Lua was suffering from the addiction of recreational and prescription drugs. She started attending rehab to better herself as a person.

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