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6yo draws and wears a sign around neck supporting anti-vaccination campaign, dad shares on FB

Yes, that really happened! A dad shared her daughter’s new sign which she wore during the school to support the anti-vaccination campaign. The daughter age was reported to be 6 years. Damn, I couldn’t write that neatly when I was this age.

So, it was a day where students are asked to wear the change, like show something which they want to be changed in the country. This day is almost in every school in the US where students creativity and urge is carved out to make them a better individual.

So, this kid chose to change the school’s policy to allow those kids also who don’t get vaccine shots. I wonder if this was her own idea because it kind of seems coming from her home.

So vaccination was something which actually took down the worst of epidemics. It was invented as something which involved the half-dead disease-causing micro-bacteria. These half dead bacteria are attacked by the body immune system and in return, the immune system becomes stronger, more like practice makes a man perfect.

The anti-vaccination campaigns are a totally new thing and parents are getting sceptical about vaccines. The governments are trying hard to actually give vaccines. The Bill Gates foundation and WHO has collectively worked to end Polio in third world countries. A big service towards humanity!

The man brought up this topic and we, on the other hand, would like to emphasize the importance of shots. What are your opinions about vaccines? We’d like to hear!

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