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70yo woman ran away to VEGAS in granddaughter’s prom dress & marries a man she met online

A grandma who ran away with her boyfriend to marry him in Las Vegas, wore her granddaughter’s prom dress for the special occasion of her marriage – and the granddaughter seemed so proud of her grandma.

Tori, 20, from Texas shared a picture of her grandma Penny’s wedding picture on Twitter, which has since gone viral – along with a romantic and sweet story of how she tied a knot with her 74-year-old lover who she met online.

She wrote, ‘My granny ran away to Vegas with a guy she met online that I always joked about her dating, and she got married to him in my prom dress.’

She added: ‘This woman is literally my best friend.’

This tweet was shared with two photographs of her grandma’s stunning appearance, in which Penny is looking beautiful and happy in a pale blue floor-length and holding a flower while standing under an archway.

She spoke to a news outlet and told her story in details about her and her now-husband Richard’s romance.

‘I didn’t want a husband. I didn’t want a boyfriend,’ she said. ‘I just wanted a companion — someone to watch movies with and go out to eat with. I didn’t want a real relationship.’

But that didn’t stop the 74-year-old Richard from a making home in her heart and winning her over like this.

Both of them met on a dating website (, after few days of chatting both started going to church together and then shifted towards romantic dating. The things then escalated fast as both of them went on a vacation together, which was followed by a proposal from Richard to Penny for moving in.

Tori is so close to her grandma that Richard asked her the permission to pop the question to her grandma. Tori also threw a surprise bachelorette part after Richard and Penny got engaged, of which she also shared pictures online.

Few days after the party Penny got a call from her grandma in which she was told that her grandma ran away with Richard in Vegas to get married. Moreover, she wore her prom dress as well.

Penny explained to Tori: ‘I [wore this dress] because if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be in Texas. I wouldn’t have met Richard. I wouldn’t have done half the things I’ve done if it wasn’t for you.’

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