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7th grade kids make Dating Profile for coach to help her Find Match

These kids want to make their coach happy and thus they have decided to create a dating profile. The dating profile is not for them but instead, it is for their coach to get a good match through the internet. As we talk about the internet, the old generation needed some time to learn the utility of the internet but this newer generation knows every little bit corner of the internet and its purpose.

Thus making use of all that expertise these kids made a profile for their coach so that she may find the right partner. Now, this is one cute thing which is not only positive but it shows the diligence of the kids to do something for their coach. The thing isn’t within the professional ambit and purview of the kids but their honest spirit is something which must be admired, the same thing which is making them getting featured in this blog post.

Isn’t it something which shows the human passion and genuine behavior? These kids are scrutinizing the intended candidates too, which might be suitable for their coach. The only pre-requisite for the date seekers is to have a good pickup line than the rest.

To some, this might feel like a piecemeal effort but again let’s think about the coach. Wouldn’t she be happy after realizing that the kids did something amazing for her, just to make her happy and contented? This! it’s beautiful and hilarious.

The profile picture is taken in the classroom and we believe that anyone dating this woman would have some studious kids.

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