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Adult star reveals horrifying messages from kids begging her for services

This French adult star warns parents about the increasing amount of children trying to contact her for her services. She has released some conversations which she had on Twitter with some minors where they asked her pictures followed by some obscene demands. She wants the parent to tell their kids and asked them not to contact her again. She thinks that the children involving in such activities is highly inappropriate and that is why she talks about it openly in the media.

Nikita Bellucci who is a French adult star explained on Twitter that she received quite a large number of obscene messages from boys as young as 12 and she believes that it is not her job but rather of the parents to force stop their kids from indulging into something like this as they should not be asking her for ‘obscene pictures’ at such a young age.

I’m getting fed up of educating your kids, Stop offloading your responsibilities onto *** workers. – wrote the fed up working girl.

The actress feels that the parents are not performing their duties quite well and as a result the children’s access to obtain content which is not appropriate for their age isn’t controlled. She thinks is that it is not ok for young boys to message her and ask for obscene pictures.

There is a complete lack of teaching and prevention, and it’s not our job to educate your kids. – Nikita wrote further

Nikita Bellucci

The actress thinks that the young children find access to obtain such content quite easily which is not ok but it is not her duty to keep an eye on every child. She said that she will not lower her head and she will not be ashamed of our activities as it is the parent’s duty to stop their kids.

And finally, as a result, Nikita Bellucci called on the parents to take some time out of their busy lives and have a look at the activities of their kids. Along with the rant on the parents, she also shared some screenshots of the messages which she received from the children as a proof.

According to these messages, there was a 13-year-old boy who asked Nikita Bellucci to send and share her pictures, she then responded to the boy by warning him that she could send a screen grab to his parents.

Nikita Bellucci

Reflect on your actions, do your homework and don’t contact me again, if not I’ll send [the screen grab]

The tweet reply of Nikita instantly went viral and a few people started to criticize the adult star. There were other people who actually praised for revealing the boy and making him learn a true lesson.

According to the government in France, the issue of consumption of such a content at a very young age is being taken quite seriously. The president Emmanuel Macron in his speech tried to convey a point in order to end the violence against the women and according to his speech he wanted a control over x-rated content. The consumption of adult content is a huge problem and it has a saddening and various effect on the health of young people.

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