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Adult star reveals “Online Bullying” after death of fellow worker out of depression

Most of the times there is another face of the story which is hard to grasp. This adult star admits facing online bullying for more than past 15 years. Olivia Nova is the fourth adult star which was found dead at the age of just 20 years and this has spread some sort of discontentment among the other stars.

This news came after the deaths of Yuri Luv, Shyla Stylez and August Ames. The deaths of these stars have been widely attributed to the depression and online bullying. A lot of actresses have stopped using Social Media because of the people criticizing them for their work.

After these recent deaths, Odette Delacroix has revealed her depression as she doesn’t want to be one among the victims. She said that she received a lot of online bullying because of the nature of her profession. After reading her statements it felt like that most people actually feel entitled to making fun of these adult films actresses.

This 28-year-old girl has blamed the social media for the death of all of the girls. Due to the online harassment, she thinks that Social Media played quite a big role in incrementing their depression. She further added,

Since these deaths I don’t spend more than an hour on the Social Media. Enough to put myself out there – but not enough to read all the negative comments.

Odette hopes that openly talking about the depression might help her wind it out and might better her condition.

Well, depression can be a thing and proves to be fatal if left untreated and the treatment can only be done by the person himself suffering from the depression.

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