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Adult star sues President Trump for public defamation & FAKE allegations

The legal battle between the President of the United States and the Adult-star Stormy Daniels gets even more heated up, as the Adult-star filed a suit of defamation against the POTUS.

This comes after trump made a tweet about showing dismissal of the sketch of the person who threatened Daniels into signing the NDA in 2011, after which she filed a complaint on Monday in a federal court on New York.

In the tweet earlier in April, Trump said: ‘A sketch year later about a nonexistent man. A total con job, playing the Fake News Media for Fools (but they know it)!’

According to the suit she stated that the tweet was ‘false and defamatory’, claiming that Trump ‘knew that his false, disparaging statement would be read by people around the world, as well as widely reported.’ It furthermore stated, that Daniels has been ‘exposed to death threats and other threats of physical violence.’

Adult-star Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, is claiming damages through a jury trial. Her lawyer Michael Avenatti said Monday: ‘We intend on teaching Mr. Trump that you cannot simply make things up about someone and disseminate them without serious consequences.’

This is a subsequent lawsuit to the one already in motion for Daniels to be released from an NDA deal she allegedly agreed to merely days before the 2016 Presidential Elections. She accepted 130K USD in return for her silence. This suit is being put on hold because the Mr. Cohen is already facing a criminal investigation.

She appeared in the ‘ABC’s The View’ where she showed a sketch of the person who threatened her back in 2011.

Trump has been involved in such controversies way before his presidency. This is not the only defamation suit Trump is facing. Summer Zervos who was a contestant on Trump’s show ‘The Apprentice’ in which Zervos has accused Trump of sexual harassment and instituted a lawsuit after Trump denied the claim.

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  1. barry sucktero says:

    a whore leading the platform of the Democratic Party….who knew that Bill Clinton still had that much influence!!!!!!

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