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Amazon driver takes a dump in the driveway and gets filmed on Camera

Oh man, she dropped off more than a package and made into headlines of all the viral news sources. Cut the long story short, Nemy Bautista arrived at his home on Tuesday located in Sacramento. He found some sort of dog poop, prima facie, however it was something else, it was a dump of a human. He found that later when he looked into the footage of his security camera, to his utmost cringe he saw an Amazon delivery woman dumping in front of his driveway.

Bautista told Fox News on Friday that what he thought to be a doggo dump turned out to be a human excretion. He saw a woman delivering more than a package and leaving behind her memento.

Fox news contacted the guy, he said, he was “shocked” by what he saw and immediately contacted Amazon and filed a complaint. “I wanted Amazon to come clean it up,” Bautista said, adding he missed the delivery by minutes.


The homeowner is definitely disgusted. The representatives of the Amazon were shocked and the thoroughly apologized for the incident.

They even contracted third party company to clean the mess which had been created in front of the driveway. The company was being very apologetic. The sufferer of the incident actually uploaded a picture on the Facebook.

A supervisor for the driver arrived at the home of the sufferer and then he picked up a plastic bag to use it to pick up the faeces. The homeowner told the guy that he couldn’t use his trash can to dump The Poop.

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