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Android Application sends a person to Hospital and he receives 4 big injections to not die

Imagine Android application sending a person to the hospital. Yes, this actually happened. A person downloaded a simulator application and ended up in Hospital.

His review of the application made everyone aware of the lethal nature of the application. But wait, this is not the whole story, I can’t keep you wondering about, “How the heck this all happened?”

Wait, first read the review and you’ll get loads of clue about the whole story.

So it looks like the guy downloaded a Dog Translator Simulator. The beauty of these applications includes a warning prior to the installation. Looks like the guy ignored the warning while downloading the application and he believed it to be actually dog translation simulation.

A dog translation simulation is meant to be a gateway to talk to your dog. You speak something and your phone translates that into dog language. Now, in reality, that isn’t possible, but to fool friends that can be the case. This person took this application to be real. This was the turning point, so he installed the application and his phone started making random dog sounds.

The dog of this man became angry. (He must be thinking that the owner bought another dog in the shape of phone, JK) So he bit the owner and he ended up in the hospital.

LOL, Yes! That happened….

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