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BBC says, ‘White people using Black people emojis & GIFs are racists”, the down-votes say otherwise!

BBC has just published a YouTube video which says it isn’t fine to use Black people GIFs or emojis. The video has termed the black color selection for emojis to be totally not accurate for race and color. The person in the video says that it’ll be quite amazing to send some emoji or GIF reaction but specifically sending the black ones, that isn’t correct.

The woman in the video who is delivering all the information says that we must see all the good emojis are of black people.

BBC termed the usage of black emojis from the white people as ‘Digital Blackface’. They described blackface in common terms. It’s the usage of black makeup from a white person to portray a black person in a wrong way. The video says that Minstrel actually shows the usage of black people in all the offensive ways. Some of the shows even exaggerated the facial features of the black people for fun.

Video says that the digital blackface is the 21st-century version. It includes the usage of black people’s pictures and GIFs in the offensive and insulting way. The usage of black skinned emojis by the white people is termed in the video as something which shows how less cultural values are given to the black people. It’s regarded as a case of no respect towards black culture.

The last question asked in the video, “What’s wrong with white people using black people emojis?” and the answer was given again in the video, “Black people aren’t a source of entertainment for others.” You can watch the video yourself!

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