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Biker picks a fight on the road with the wrong old man

The guy was driving a heavy byke and he thought that he was entitled to have fun with every rider on the road. He picked up an old man in the car and started shouting at him meanwhile showed offensive signs using his hands.

The car guy was showed patience at first but then the byker guy made him stop and started yelling at him. The old car guy pulled down his window and instantaneously released a punch on the face of the biker. The biker broke his side mirror as a result and then tried to escape.

The old man in the car wasn’t someone really old by spirit. He took a flight in the air and kicked the biker right in the face. The biker at that very instant knew that he chose a very wrong person for all the fun of the day. I will not even call it as something funny but rather a bullying attempt.

The biker then turns into a whining little boy once the confrontation started with the seasoned old man. The uploaded of the video gave similar remarks, he captioned, “A**hole biker AKA abrennan077 “HD2” purposely cuts off an old man then immediately flips him off. The old man cuts him off back, and abrennan077 “HD2” tries to pick a fight with him. The old man kicks his a** as he screams like a b****.

I think I will not like to get more into details, you should watch the video yourself.

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