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Black-Guy on Facebook comments, ‘slavery was a blessing and without Europeans we are nothing’

Sometimes I feel like being lost, look at this guy who admits that slavery was a good thing and even Bible quoted slavery as a blessing. The guy posted a comment to someone’s post on Facebook and suddenly started to face an online backlash.

In nutshell, the guy thinks that those were the Europeans who actually civilized the black people. It was their influence as a master which made them perform and learn. Without Europeans that would have been a totally different scenario. He further added that if it weren’t for white people then they’d still be hanging with vines and stuff.

Damn, man you seriously need some common sense and education, I already feel guilt to share these kinds of words with my audience but still, the truth should come out and there will be more stupid people like you out there who don’t know what are the cons of slavery.

Someone even tried to back comment his opinion as he couldn’t believe if the guy was in his senses or what he read was actually what black guy meant, so he asked, “Do you believe that Europeans civilized us?”, “Do you believe that your God allowed this for your own good?”

The answer was in a positive, and I can do only “Facepalm”.

This is a unique case of ignorance and I am no one to comment on this because slavery is a self-evident curse. It’s a thing which actually makes a man free of options. Removing a living soul from options is a sin.


One thought on “Black-Guy on Facebook comments, ‘slavery was a blessing and without Europeans we are nothing’”

  1. shidoshi says:

    You kak-handed troglodytes do realize that whites freed the american slaves right?
    You do also realize that the majority of slaves (still today) were and are sold by blacks, right?

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