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Black woman calls out ‘Black Panther’ star for being with a light-skinned woman

Chadwick Boseman recently posted a picture on Instagram with a light-skinned woman with the caption:

“I get it how I live it
I live it how I get it
Count the mothaf*in’ digits
I pull up with a lemon
Not ’cause she ain’t livin’
It’s just your eyes get acidic”

Which seemed to have triggered an Instagram user named, whose Instagram handle is ‘@ninaaustinejones’.

In her comment she said:

“Bruh you just starred in one of the highest grossing films in history and here you are wrapping your arm around a goddam light bulb (four angry emojis). Like wtf man, you don’t like dark-skinned girls like that? We not good enough for Y’all, like what’s up with these fine black men going for these light-skinned and/or racially ambiguous females? Man, if we dark girls ain’t good enough for black men, then what the f*** are we good enough for???”

She also used crazy hashtags like #ihatelightskins, #norespectforblackwomen, #norespect, #lightskinsuinslives #darkskinlivesmatter.

By reading her comment that it’s not the black guys who are the reason that she can’t find a good man. Her insecurity is off the charts, She probably uses the strategy of guilting people into dating her. The best relationships come from being with someone who’s only with you because they are afraid that you will judge them.

Some are also calling her a racist and calling it a textbook racism.

One Reddit comment stated, “I mean having white skin is aspired across cultures and has been seen and is continued to be seen even in places that were never really conquered by Europeans. East Asia and the Middle East being the most obvious. Is it really absurd to think that there just may be a skin tone that is more attractive to a majority of people? For everything in the world there is a general “favorite” of that very subject, it isn’t crazy to say the same for skin tone. Only becomes racist if you treat black people worse. The real crazy thing is many will say you are being discriminatory and racist if you l have a skin tone preference when it comes to a partner. I can have a favorite way to cook mac and cheese but for something so apparent as the literal color of someone I’m supposed to literally not recognize a difference.”

A comment on the same Instagram post said. “Nina is a bitter black woman and she doesn’t know how ignorant and stupid that statement was smh! Her dumbass must of forgot light skins are black too duhhhh we come in all different shades. She doesn’t love herself her scary butt probably changed her insta name because she knows ppl going to be dragging her down”

It seems like she has deleted her account and comment as of this moment. Probably due to all the trolls that were taking place around it.

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