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Blond Teacher, 28yo denies illicit relationship with 16yo school student

Eleanor “Ellie” Wilson, 28, of Gloucestershire, England, is alleged to share a relationship with a 16-year-old teenager on August 2, 2015.

Ellie Wilson leaving the Court Room after her hearing!

Before her arrest, she was a Physics teacher at a high school in Bristol England. She was forced to quit after the charges were brought against her.

She was charged with ‘Abuse of position’ and ‘4 counts of active physical-relationship with a minor.’

The blond former teacher was 28-year-old at the time of the alleged offense.

This Friday, she appeared before Bristol Crown Court to state her plea. She appeared before the court without legal representation, because she is yet to appoint legal representation.

During the proceeding, the accused was asked if she wanted to make her plea.

Happy Miss Wilson!

To which she replied:

I know what I want to plead, I want to plead not guilty.

The case is being heard by Judge James Patrick. He asked the accused if she wanted to have a jury trial.

To which she affirmed by saying: ‘Yes.’

Ms. Wilson has been released on a bail which is unconditional in nature.
Her trial will begin on October 1, 2018, which is going to be a four-day trial. The case will be heard by Bristol Crown Court.

The victim of the accused is anonymous and cannot be named due to legal issues. We’ll keep you updated as there are further developments in the case. A teacher is given custody of a child for sake of promoting a good character but in recent times we came across certain news which reported such practices of teachers which are not only undermining the character of students but also causing a huge blot on the overall performance of teachers.

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