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‘British Girl’ in queue for a coffee in America boasts of disarming armed man in seconds & firing rounds

A British girl in America went for a morning coffee and saw an armed man in the queue. Immediately takes the picture and accuses him of least weapon knowledge. She also boasts about disarming the man in seconds and firing all the rounds. Damn girl! You look tough or was it a mere boast?

Well, I’ll like to bet on this girl disarming the man and shooting all the rounds, because she used the term partial trained. Now, what’s partial training in arms? Either you are trained or you have done nothing, there are merely two extremes, nothing in between.

So, this girl went for a morning coffee in America. She described the incident on Facebook and even attached the picture of the scene. So, she goes in the queue to wait for her coffee. Watches an armed man in the queue and thinks him quite a duffer. She claimed that the man wasn’t having his weapon held properly. She could disarm the man in seconds as she got her training during morning brawls in England which involved guns and fires.

She further added that she could have taken the gun in seconds only to fire all the rounds. She accused America of problems.

Girl seriously? Are you even in senses? Like how can someone take out a weapon held like this in pants? If I were there I would have put all my money on the guy. America has no problems and also there are no problems with Britain, but definitely, people boasting like this girl have sure problems.

Definitely, common sense is quite hard to come by and once it’s earned the person who possesses it keeps on wondering if he’s stupid or everyone else around.

One thought on “‘British Girl’ in queue for a coffee in America boasts of disarming armed man in seconds & firing rounds”

  1. Bill Pummill says:

    Daffyth better think twice. The Glock is cradled by a Safariland Level III holster. A few inches away is an ASP baton(Nancy kerrigan knee knocker){OUCH!!!} She better stick to her video games, and not find out what a beat down feels like!!!

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