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British student caught making out with Malia Obama during Havard-Yale tailgate

Malia Obama the former first daughter is quite serious about education and a lot of people already know this fact. She now attends The Havard University and there are rumours that she wants to enter the film industry which means she hopes to pursue an acting career.

Recently she came across a lot of spotlights and news sites published a lot about her after an incident at Harvard-Yale tailgate. The girl has earned a lot of impressive internships already and it looks like that her future is bright. She has already interned with the controversial Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

The recently turned adult might look to be quite busy due to the crushing pressure of Havard but somehow in recent days, she has found the time to exhibit some romance.

The news which we are talking about is a recently leaked video which seems to be captured from a mobile where she can be seen making out with the British guy during the Harvard-Yale tailgate. Well, it could be an extremely intimidating experience to meet her parents afterwards but who knows as we do not know that later, what happened with the girl.

A still from the video released by TMZ

In the video, Malia Obama can be seen spending some quality time with her fellow Harvard student Rory Farquharson. They made out just before the football game began.

The video which was tweeted by TMZ (Still Image)

You might be interested in knowing some details about Rory, the guys isn’t ordinary as he has attended the super fancy rugby school and he was chosen as Head of school for the academic year 2015 to 2016. According to the news sources, he played Golf as well as rugby for school. Later in 2015, he appeared as an extra in the video for Rugby World Cup opening ceremony.

It looks like that the guys quite an all-rounder and he has also shown his interest in chemistry as he was a member of Rugby’s chemistry society.

Last years Obama Hamza spoke up about his two teenage daughters and said:

The truth is, I’m pretty relaxed about it for two reasons. One is Michelle. She’s taught—she’s such a great example of how she carries herself, her self-esteem, not depending on boys to validate how you look or you know, not letting yourself be judged by anything other than your character and intelligence, And hopefully I’ve been a good example in terms of how I’ve shown respect to my wife. So I don’t worry about it because they’re really solid, smart girls—young ladies now.

Another still from the video released by TMZ

The girl was even seen smoking during the game and that is not going to make a lot of moms and dads happy about her since she could act as a role model to a lot of girls.

Note: We didn’t share the video on HardComedy because of the controversial nature and also the license was owned by TMZ. You can visit TMZ on Twitter/Youtube to watch the video, Thankyou

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