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British student sells chastity online for $1.4MILLION

A Londoner girl named Jasmin, 26-year-old, sold her chastity on a website called Cinderella Escorts.

She said that she has taken this step for financial reasons, she wants to explore the world and maybe someday start her own business.

The claim made by the site is that the bidder was a Hollywood actor, who beaten a Football player and Businessman in a bid for Jasmin’s chastity.

This event of chastity taking will take place on some date in April.

The names of the bidders are not shared because the website has the policy to maintain the anonymity of the clients.

Jasmin also hasn’t shared her last name.

She claimed to have dinner with all three bidders and claimed that the experience was “amazing”.

She also said in an interview that her parents showed support toward her from the beginning.

I am 26 and they know that I am adult enough for deciding alone what I do with my body. As I met the actor already and I was always a big fan of [his], I am more nervous as a fan than about losing my chastity.

‘But who knows. Maybe I will get more nervous when we meet in the hotel.’

According to the website, Jasmin’s chastity is tested by a doctor.

This is strange and yet not so surprising at all. People would do anything for the money. But who are we to judge. Many people are skeptical of this whole thing.

She claims that traditional views regarding chastity are outdated.

She said that instead of wasting her chastity to a person who may leave her afterward is pointless and she is sick and tired of waiting for the right man. She said that despite her age she hasn’t found a worthy companion so it is a positive alternative to that.

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