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Bully blasted kid off cos he refused to stand for pledge of allegiance in the class

Wow! America this is something which needs to be addressed. The classrooms are a place to learn something well, it’s not meant to learn violence or to even practise violence. Violence in classrooms is a galling act which must not be exacerbated by bringing it into social life. To prevent such happening, in order to make a better nation as a whole, violence should be curbed down in school and the students must be made to learn ethical approach.

A pledge of allegiance in school? Are you running for some presidential election? Or are you going to provide security and violence to those who pledge? I think such notions must not be a part of children at such a young age.

Breaking 911 reported this story originally and tweeted it with a caption, “Teen Kicks Classmate Out of Chair For Refusing To Stand For Pledge of Allegiance.” The guy who attacked the other guy sitting on the chair was wearing American Flag. You better watch the video, and you’ll learn more about this cringeworthy treatment.

Don’t mess with someone with American flag shirt, the top comment on this post which was made by Breaking 911 was, “I’m surprised a Marine recruiter didn’t bust through the door at that very moment.” So, basically this was a revenge video because the victim couldn’t stand for the pledge of allegiance to the attacker.

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