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Business tycoon pays £5m to adult star for exclusive service for next 15 years

A business tycoon has paid an adult actress for her services a whopping amount of money i-e 5 million pounds in order to attain her exclusive services for the period of next 15 years. This is a particular type of news and nothing of the sort has ever happened in recent years. The adult star has sealed the five million pound deal with the mysterious Businessman who refused to reveal his identity to the world.

This particular deal is quite absurd and currently, the duties of the actress named Rola Misaki who is 22-year-old are unknown. Whether she will play the role of the secretary or more will be required from her, we are not sure but definitely, she has sealed quite a huge sum of money. The actress is quite popular in China and genetically she is half Japanese and half Russian. The fans are saddened by the news as they will not be able to see her in action for a period of next 15 years.

Rola Misaki with the alleged businessman!

She recently appeared with the masked business tycoon in Beijing where they could be seen holding hands and being affectionate. The Identity of the man was not revealed as he was wearing a mask.

The internet gossips reveal that the man is a Chinese businessman who has connection with adult industry and he owns quite a large sum of property. The guy has appeared in similar events at places before and has given instant cash gifts.

Rola Misaki Posing

This actress who appears in adult content made her debut in the video industry in the year 2012. Since then she earned quite a lot of popularity. She has quite a few number of fans from Japan but she is a big hit in China. The girl has millions of followers on Sina Weibo which is a Twitter equivalent in China.

The fans of the girl are mourning over the laws and they cannot wait to see her appearing in the films once again after a period of 15 years. Following out the comments made by her fans.

Rola Misaki

GuangY wrote, “Nooo! She can’t leave us like this.”

Another fan wrote, “She’s one of the best, a natural. I can’t believe she’s gone off with this man.”

While Bao Hung posted: “It’s a sad day for us fans. Come back to us after 15 years. We’ll still be here.”

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