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‘Busy’ Doctor’s 3-hour rant after girl cancels their first date is the most psychopathic convo to read

There are people who think that they are entitled to everything. This doctor was surely one among these people. He took this girl for granted and made some personal joke prior to his first date with her on Tinder. The girl didn’t like the vibe so she decided to cancel the date. The man was surely not ready to take a no for an answer.

Things went totally south after the girl rejected the date plans. The dude was a doctor and he started to boast about his busy schedule. He even announced of having another option other than the girl intended for the date at first. Every message took a new turn and the girl became quite sure about not meeting this guy ever in life.

Well, it’s okay to feel a bit down and annoyed when someone cancels a date but dealing with the situation in such a way is totally absurd. Cancelling a date is wrong but again accepting someone’s opinions is right too.

So, this is the first text where the girl rejected the guy for being too direct with the jokes. If the guy would have stopped here then we might have praised his decision. But, turns out the girl was right.

In the second series of the rant, the guy started to boast about his earning. He even accused the girl of over-reacting.

The dude suddenly went apologetic. According to the woman, who decided to stay anonymous while uploading the conversation on the Imgur, she tried to work around the situation but the dude kept on messaging her which annoyed her.

Until now, he was being apologetic but once again he said something stupid about himself. “I’m a doctor, and I’ve a higher level of intelligence.” Well, man, nobody cares about your higher level of intelligence.

Damn man, even now I’m getting screwed up to re-read his entire conversation and featuring it on the website as an editor.

Looks like the guy didn’t want to give up that easily.

He couldn’t just resist being an immature guy. He couldn’t just stop texting and annoying the girl. He didn’t know that he was creating the whole situation cringe-worthy and bad for himself.

Damn, he is calling the girl to stop being immature. Now, this article is getting over my head totally and making me insane, can’t report more on this… Sorry!

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