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Butthurt guy gets back at girl with a perfect reply regarding friendzone

Friendzone is typically a disease common in futuristic times like the 21st century, with the advent of new technology the youth of today has more options and increased requirements, thus to remain in a safe zone while yielding the benefits of a friendship, they prefer to friendzone. This thing particularly happens more with boys as compared to the girls. According to the famous social media website, Reddit, the guys can be distributed into two categories, one which is quite nice and the other being opposite of it.

Recently, a Twitter trend attracted the attention of a lot of people and it was about the friendzone and its consequences. This guy who seems to be a prey of getting friendzoned replied to a woman in the most unique and thrilling way and earned respect from quite a lot of dudes for putting up the reality.

Nice guy wants to exit friendzone!

The entire concept of friendzone differs from person to the person. However, it must be kept in mind that a relationship should always begin from the truth. If one doesn’t have the feelings for someone that he/she should reveal it beforehand rather than playing with the feelings of the other person.

The idea of friendzone!

So guys, whose opinion among the three different people above you feel is right? Or do you have another definition of this painful phenomena, called friendzone? Well, I’m no sufferer of it, so peace out!

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