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Cable guy’s girlfriend sets up a bait to see if he’ll cheat on her for two asian hot twins

This girl sets up a bait to check the loyalties of her boyfriend. She sets up a bait of two hot Asian twins and waits to see if her boyfriend will like to cheat on her for twin girls. Definitely, not a good way to earn some loyalty as it will make the guy look like a fool and in the end, he’ll merely feel angry and disappointed.

Dude is a cable guy and he’s unaware of the challenge which he’s about to face. The girlfriend of the dude has thrown up the gauntlet that the guy will cheat. The twins are also in their nightwear and that makes the situation pretty challenging for a guy. The channel “To catch a cheat” has previously come up with stupid ideas like this to catch up any cheater. I don’t know how they come up with such sensual ideas to check the loyalties of a man. The channel claims that the video released about this particular incident is 100% genuine.

The channel also posted the back story of this entire loyalty check test. The guy works as a cable installer in the AT&T and his girlfriend approached the channel to have a check on this guy. The channel schedules a regular AT&T service checkup visit. This time the house where the guy gets called is having some hot Asian Twins. These twins are ready to allure him into the trap.

Anyway, watch the video below, the outcome is totally different. Alright, trust me!

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