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Campaign linking ‘women’s character & worth’ with dress-code goes viral

A powerful posted which was designed by some feminist lobby has a striking resemblance to a project which was started in 2013. The ‘Terre Des Femmes’ poster is going viral for the last few weeks and even now it is making its way into the viral news of the internet.

The series of the poster trying to explain a strong point regarding the dress code of the women has been designed by the student, Theresa Wlokka. According to Huffington post, “Her designs  as a student of Theresa Wlokka of Miami Ad School in Germany for nonprofit Terre des Femmes, was picked up by news outlets from Bustle to Design Taxi this week.

These posters were designed as a way to raise an important point and are meant for the people who don’t think for a second before judging any women for her looks and dress code. The set of three posters show that the world actually judges women based on the length of their skirt, the depth of their neckline and the height of their heels. Not everyone judges women based on their appearance but there are a lot of people who use these signs to judge the character and importance of women.

The main concept behind this campaign was the prove that women are judged no matter what they do for a living, clothing or anything else.

These posters reveal the type of misogyny which women face on a daily basis while going to the work or going outside their comfort zone. The designer of the posters wants to implement gender neutrality in the world.

Credits: Huffington Post & Theresa Wokka

These series of posters make an important point to show the world the reality of people judging the women based on their outfit and appearances. The author wanted the world to know the damaging assumptions made by people all around the globe which are often born out of the women’s skirt length.

Twitter, however, made some serious allegations regarding the originality of the posters. Huffington post wrote, “commenters and Twitter users have pointed out that these posters bear a clear resemblance to college student Pomona Lake’s 2013 piece, “Judgments.” (See a side-by-side of the two projects shown above, the old one is on left side.)”

The author of the left image, Lake, tried to contact the Miami Ad School after she came to know about a very similar project which she had completed in past being copied. She informed the agency that the idea was plagiarised. According to the Lake, the school never took out time to respond back to her queries.

Wlokka, on the contrary, said that she never came across any of the work of Lake and anything she made was genuinely out of her own creativity and mind.

Sometimes you can absorb ideas without realizing where it’s from, but in this instance, word for word the projects are the same, If they had emailed me and reached out for permission and credited me with the idea, I would have said yes. (told Lake to Huffington Post)

The campaign’s author even linked the height of the heel with the character judgement of the women.

This new campaign is actually done for raising charity for the organization. The task was given to the students to create something to raise the money and in turn, the students thought to talk about the women rights. The agency says that when it comes to advertising then some ideas could be slightly similar in nature. They said that they are in contact with Rosea.


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