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Candid photo showing stretch-marks of this mother of 4, 23yo, goes VIRAL & says vile trolls had told her scars as her own fault

A mother of four has shared her stretch marks on the internet, she could believe that hours later her picture had gone viral. She told the internet that these stretch marks made her suffer from quite a lot of negative comments. Doreen Ching, 23, from Malaysia, told the media news agency that she had shared her picture after finally making peace with her body post-baby-birth. She had accepted the reality thus she was fine with sharing her picture.

The candid picture which shows deep stretch marks on Ching’s stomach has been shared thousands of times. 12,000 shares and 23,000 likes!

Doreen Ching, the super mom who faced quite a lot of criticism over her stretch marks

This picture has been shared 23,000 times!

In the social media post which is now viral, Ching recalls that her friends suggested when she got pregnant, her perfect body would be ruined after the baby’s birth. Many people have praised the young mother for being honest but some have made hurtful comments on the post. Some people suggested that having so many babies was her fault which resulted in such massive stretch marks.

Only 21 at the time, I wondered how I would be able to accept my stomach looking like this for the rest of my life. The first thing I did after leaving the delivery room was to look at my stomach and cry.

In the emotional post the Malaysian wrote that nothing was able to fix her stomach. She tagged her husband, Toh Yang Ming, to her back her stomach. The picture was captioned in mandarin which resulted in getting positive support from Chinese speakers in Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

I can only be as perfect as I can be!

The Happy Family!

“Some men said it was all the women’s fault for wanting to have so many kids.”

“Please respect the women of this world, such as your mother and your wife, who manage childbirth and still work,” she said.

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