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‘Cash me Ousside’ girl’s abusive fight video with ghetto-chick is the kind of cringe you’ll hate to watch!

‘Cash me ousside’ the kind of thing which you want to avoid but still, you are happy making memes about it, so here we come with another video of Danielle Bregoli after her rocking hip-hop song. Cash me ousside girl having a fight with a new girl in town, woahvicky.

This new girl has also taken the new trend of getting famous, fake the cringe till you make it up to the top charts. She has released a few of stupid videos on youtube and she also has an account on Instagram. In the videos, she has done stupid things like pretending to be a gangster and acting like a fool. In one of her latest videos, she tried calling out Danielle Bregoli just to get in a fight.

Danielle Bregoli also isn’t someone who can just let slip any opportunity or a hater against her, so she had replied this new ghetto-chick several times. Their recent fight happened on a Facetime call where both the girls can be seen fighting and calling each other with names.

One of her videos went viral when woahvicky claimed to be one of the African-American people. She claimed that she was around 40% black because she checked her ancestry on some website which provides details while matching some body features.

So, if you have dared to watch this cringe video, then welcome to the club and don’t comment some hate because it’s you who chose to watch the video and cherish some dumbness in the world. Oh, btw Woahvicky had also released a picture of her grandfather, maybe on snap chat.

May be just to strengthen her claim?

Oh, you might like a thing about this girl, “She openly opposes, Daniel Bregoli.

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