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“Cash Me Outside Girl” & Ghetto Chick WoahhVicky in a HEATED street fight

Victoria Waldrip AKA WoahhVicky and Danielle Bregoli are currently the top two internet’s most notorious teen stars.

Just in case if you forgot who Danielle is, she is the ‘Cash Me Ousside’ girl who got viral on the internet due to her unique behavior on Dr. Phil show at the age of 13 in 2016. She was turned into a meme which made her famous. She was on the show with her mom, her mom was struggling to make her stop her bad behavior.

She uttered the phrase on the show to challenge the audience to ‘try and mess with her,’ the sentence that made her famous was ‘cash me outside, how ‘bow dah?’

Whereas the other girl, WoahhVicky, went viral on the internet last year after she claimed to be black, which was odd because she is of white complexion. She made this outrageous claim after she took a test on and found that she was 44 percent African. After that, she received a lot of heat for appropriating black culture, freely using the N-word and wearing her hair in corn crows as well as selling merchandise which includes metal grills on her online website.

Both Bregoli and Waldrip had an exchange of harsh words on Facetime in the past, in which both of them called for a real-life fight.

Now a shocking video has gone viral, in which both of them finally met each other. It turned ugly really quick when Bregoli started squaring up to Waldrip for a fight, the older men in the video tried stopping them. Despite that Bregoli managed to land a punch on Waldrip. After which they kept on arguing until one of the men picked up Bregoli and took her away.

This may very well be a publicity stunt but the spat is most certainly a fun thing to follow.

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