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Category Archives: Instant Cringe

Woman films the moment as man appears to spike her drink

A FESTIVAL GOER girl was taking a selfie in a huge crowd where she caught a scary moment accidentally. Scary because a guy in the selfie seems to be putting something in her drink. Kristal Santos, the blonde girl, was recording herself and a friend

British student sells chastity online for $1.4MILLION

A Londoner girl named Jasmin, 26-year-old, sold her chastity on a website called Cinderella Escorts. She said that she has taken this step for financial reasons, she wants to explore the world and maybe someday start her own business. The claim made by the site

Multiple people caught watching adult content in Library

Damn, this is one sick video and unfortunately, the entire video cannot be embedded here just because of the NSFW nature. We run a safe for work website and that is why we can’t malign the functionality. So, this group of people is actually watching

Feminists are bashing Stephen Hawking over his DEATH

Just when everyone was feeling really bad at the death of the genius, Stephen Hawking, there was a group of people on the social media who disliked the guy. People might wonder that who can dislike Stephen Hawking after all his discoveries and hard work