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Cheating Wife and her Boyfriend are not as clever as they thought

Don’t cheat on other people, this is the basic rule of living a peaceful honest life. Dishonesty is something which not only starts to tear apart the deeply woven fabric of a society but it also acts against one’s own character. One you cheat someone and the news gets out, none of the people around you is ever going to trust, again.

This cheating wife thought that there were cameras only outside the house, thus she made her boyfriend park at a different place. The bad thing happened, which is good for her husband when the cameras inside the house caught her cheating. She brought some guy home and hooked up with him in order to do what she wanted while hiding the entire story from her husband.

The wife of the man actually found this guy (Boyfriend) through CL, thus this dude (Husband) posted the entire rant on CL while exposing the dude’s act but according to the post he didn’t reveal his identity. The rant is solid and he has indeed shown the generous side of his personality.

“I know who you are, as our CCTV cameras outside not only picked up your license plate,” wrote the husband, “Anyone can get a plate run at the MHP office.” Husband also posted a proof screenshot of all the cameras which captured the cheating with all the angles.

The husband called this act as childish, he added that if he weren’t grown up then he must have been chasing someone else wife, but since he’s a grown-up man that’s why he knows his limits and bounds. “Come On Derek (boyfriend) have some manners, you don’t know how much of a favour you did to me!,” wrote the guy, pleasing over the fact that Derek actually made him learn about his cheating wife.

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