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Child killer FREED without spending a day in jail

Tim Kosowicz, a psychotic killer who killed a five-year-old girl will not spend even a single day in prison.

Chloe Hoson

Chloe Hoson, 5, was suffocated and strangled with plastic bags and her body was thrown into a creek.

The murderer is back on the streets, without having to stay even a single day behind bars.

Kosowicz was detained in his parent’s home in country Victoria, and has been discharged from the mental facility.

In 2003, Kosowicz admitted to taking the poor kid’s life by strangling her after she went to his neighboring house to play with their pet cat, but he also claimed that she knocked over his drugs (cannabis) when he was in a schizophrenic haze.

Chloe suffered a painful death, Kosowicz kept her head covered with the plastic bag and later inferred with her dead body, before throwing her into a creek.

Chloe mother Karina being comforted

Kosowicz had no memory of ‘when Chloe got into his caravan.’

‘She spilt my pot on the ground and then I lost the plot,’ he said.

‘Then I blacked out and next thing I was strangling her in my bedroom.’

He was held not guilty due to his mental illness by The New South Wales Supreme Court.

Chloe’s father Michael Hoson said at the time: ‘Change the system for starters regardless of whether you’re sane, insane, whatever, you do the crime you do the time.’

A proposal was under consideration to release criminals in mental health system into the community without notifying police by the Mental Health Review Tribunal last year.

Scott Weber, an NSW Police Association at the time said that it was extremely important for the people who committed offense to maintain parole and release conditions.

‘It really is policing 101 for officers to know what offenders are being released,’ he said.

Peter Rolfe, president of victims group Support After Murder said that, ‘Victims have no rights under the legal system,’and accused the Mental Health Review Tribunal of being a ‘law unto themselves’.

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