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“Child Molester Tinder Experiment”, Fake pervert profile on Tinder attracted dozens of females

Somebody setups a fake profile on Tinder for fun purposes but it ends up getting serious hits. The description of this fake profile shows a deviant person who finds it hard to follow the law. Unexpectedly, a lot of females start taking interest in the guy, who admitted being a criminal in the past.

This turned into a dark experiment, it’s reported that r/Incels started the experiment. A community dedicated to incels on the Reddit. The details are yet not clear, however, we got other details about the Tinder profile and we’ll make sure to share them with our visitors and fans.

The screenshot below shows the profile on Tinder and the attached description of the fake hot male model.

Credits: /r/Incels/

In the above screenshot, the profile can be seen getting hits from unknown people. The people are willing to forget the fact that the guy is actually some sort of criminal who was once charged with child molestation. Good point it is, but again, some people are encouraging him to do bad shit again!

The above screenshot shows the second series of messages which this Tinder profile got and the response surely is quite welcoming. Some woman even rendered the guy and her to be equal in crime.

A girl even said, “I hope I don’t fall in love with you because I wouldn’t know how to explain you’re a criminal behaviour to my mother.” So, the lady hopes that she doesn’t fall in love with him, but still there is a chance.

So, what do you think about this fake profile turning into an experiment?

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