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Child predator gets busted & calls mom for help, wanted to hook up with 15yo!

This guy got caught red-handed in an attempt to hook up with a 15-year-old. He got exposed by creep catchers and after he realised that it was all a setup he freaked out. The entire confrontation got filmed and later was shared on Reddit for people to see that creep persons exist. The video takes a shocking turn when the guy shouts out, ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was a setup!

The guy at the end of the video doesn’t seem to be catching up his senses and it looks like that he might be suffering from some mental condition. In the video, he actually says that he has bipolar and ADHD so there might be more to the story.

Though one thing is clear that the guy got busted suddenly so he didn’t know the reaction to give in such a situation. He was quite shocked and couldn’t believe that it was a setup to catch him up. Now we are not sure that this entire video can be submitted as an evidence to the court because every state has different laws but in this case, however, the public shaming of this guy will somehow ensure that he doesn’t do this activity in near future.

This guy was trying to meet up with an underage girl with whom he was chatting on Facebook the only problem in this made up story was that the girl wasn’t real. The video earned some mixed reactions as some people think that these creep, catchers, are not doing a good job exposing the people. There is another set of people which believes that these guys are doing Cops work.

A lot of times the video hosting websites remove the video where bullying happens and you think that it is fair. The community must be kept safe. We’ve got a video mirror for you and we are embedding it below, for you to watch all the drama.

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