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Controlling girlfriend orders guy to “Block” her recent-added boyfriend on Facebook

This dude was randomly surfing on Facebook trying to find some content of interest. He had no idea that something stupid of sort was going to happen to him. Social Media has definitely evolved into the number one preferred entertainment all around the globe, other than the entertainment, most people use it for sake of communication.

Some moments later this dude received a friend request from another guy. He saw the profile picture and it was reminiscent of an old schoolmate. Pressing hard on his memory he realised that it was a guy back from his past. The guy happened to be a far-off acquaintance in his school time.

So, the dude barely knew the guy and then he thought it would be better to accept his friend request. Now, he didn’t know that pressing the accept button would start a whole new discussion.

Some moments later the girlfriend of the guy (who got accepted as a friend on Facebook by this dude) messaged him on his Facebook inbox. She seemed to be quite arrogant from her messages and through the way of conduct. The girlfriend of this guy who had sent a friend request was chanting one phrase, “Block my boyfriend, how do you know him?

The queries of this girl were strange and it appeared from her questions that she was a type of human who tried her best to control her boyfriend. It was strange to come across a person who instead of asking her boyfriend preferred asking a stranger about his relationship with her boyfriend. She could have asked the same question from her boyfriend who had actually sent the friend request to the other guy at first place.

She started ordering the dude to block her boyfriend from his friend’s list. The dude was indeed very patient so at first, he kept on giving explanations and kept on telling the girl the nature of his relationship with her boyfriend.

Though, the girl was resilient. The dude could do nothing but to screenshot the conversation, not only for spreading it on the internet but to send it later to her boyfriend. He actually sent the conversation to her boyfriend and also warned the girl about sending all the details to her boyfriend. Crazy Indeed!

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