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Cool bartender serves the underage girl because she’s hot & girl posts the story on Instagram

This bartender serves the underage girl because he thought that the girl was hot. The girl goes on Instagram and shared her story. Someone made a screenshot of the story. The story got shared on Reddit community and made its way to the trending category.

You must have tried to get booze when you were underage through various means. I know a guy who disguises himself as his mom to buy the beer using her ID. Sometimes you would have been able to score the beer or other times it might have been be a complete fail.

This girl however posted something different, she accused the bartender that he knew her to be underage but still he served her a beer since he thought that she was hot. She had a bottle of water in the bar. All the bartenders were kind of getting attracted to the girl. The first bartender poured out the water and put some strawberry Ciroc. The girl then moved to the Starbucks and mixed her favourite drink with the strawberry Ciroc. She was happy for her treat.

She posted her update on the tinder and hid her identity to avoid unnecessary attention.

Since we are talking about the underage beer campaign, let’s look at this guy who was referred in the first paragraph.

Master of disguise, credits: reddit/u/DelaYla3

This guy is creative enough to dress like her mom, use her ID and get some beer to make his life better. Too much of anything isn’t good and there must be balanced stuff in the life.

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