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Couple does a little cosplay for baby & this guy calls it hate act against the immigrants

So this couple tries to do a little cosplay but unfortunately, there are too many liberals around who didn’t let them have the complete experience behind the fun activity which they designed for the baby. Here we are not referring to the real liberals but instead, we are referring to those people who claim to be a liberal but they are more conservative than a conservative. I think that is why we are unable to enjoy happy moments and on the other hand, we keep on asking that why something good didn’t happen to us.

So basically a couple decides to do their own cosplay. Now the very first thing which is important in a cosplay is the theme. This couple decided to go with their most favourite song. Since they also had a baby so they decided to integrate him inside the cosplay act. The song which they chose was “Ice Ice Baby”. Now as you can see in the picture which is embedded below that they decided to wear the ice shirts with an ice look-alike substance inside. While they held their baby in arms. So this technically completes the phrase ice ice baby.

You watch this picture below and read the entire conversation.

No as we know that often we upload our daily activities on Facebook so this couple also decided to upload and share a picture. They didn’t know that it is going to make an Internet headline. Some sensitive guy approached the picture and tried to blame them for immigrant hate. He started to argue on the fact that the shirts which they wore were actually a hate act against the immigration police.

He gave his argument that being an immigrant he found it offensive. One among the couple also tried to persuade the guy otherwise but he was persistent on the fact that he was right. The couple even gave him the reason of playing such a cosplay act.

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