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Crazy 1st time mommy wrongly gets conscious about HIV injected into Walmart Bananas

AIDs bananas, ever heard of this term? I’m sure this mommy heard it from some stupid guy and she is sweet enough to bring that term into consideration.

Having a profile picture of her baby on her Facebook profile, this mommy gets conscious about getting AIDs through bananas. She even reached to a Facebook group in order to clarify her concerns. She is concerned only about those bananas which are sold at Wal-mart.

Alright parents I need to know if this is just a bruise or not. I’ve seen a post come and go for the past few years about HIV being injected into Wal-Mart bananas and I’ve never had color like this, the whole batch was like this and I babysit for friends who brought over bananas like this too.. I never read any personal cases of getting HIV from bananas but 1st time mommy here…

Now, she came across some post on Facebook and she believed it to be true. Below you can see a screenshot of her original post on Facebook. We’ve removed her name for privacy reasons.

Mommy getting conscious about her baby

Mommy getting conscious about her baby

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