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Crazy guy claims hurricane Irma is a hoax created by the Government as a fear propaganda

Some crazy guy on the internet claims Hurricane Irma to be a hoax created by the government. The guy goes off on Facebook and starts claiming against the government. Meanwhile, the people from his friend list try to help him have some sense.

Irma has already hit Florida with the worst of its strength. It unleashed violent wind gusts and massive water flood. The coastal area of Florida is already facing the worse and forecasters fear that the storm might go as the worst which state has ever faced. Already 6M people have evacuated the area.

The Keys through Tampa will likely experience the worst storm surge event that area has seen in generations, said a Hurricane Center director

Meanwhile, the Irma was hitting the Florida some guy from another American State started releasing random stupidity on the Facebook. He said that the Irma is actually a hoax created by the government using the technology to control and fear the people. The guy totally lost his mind and his friends tried to put some sense into him.

The guy said that he knows how an actual storm looks like. Irma is totally nowhere close to a real storm. He further added that the government is trying to hide the reality and using the news to manipulate the minds of the viewers.

Someone asked, How is it possible to fake a hurricane? The guy replied that with billions of dollars and all the technology faking a hurricane is easier.

Well, what a bullshit! Definitely, the guy is undergoing mid life crisis.

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