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Crazy woman, “beats mom infront of her baby,” for merely breaking $100 stroller

People who fight are usually the ones not capable enough to solve the issues with words as grownups.

In this video, a woman started beating a mother in front her child and other kids, despite the mother denying the allegations of breaking the stroller.

If you fight a person that says they do not want to fight, moreover, in front of children, then you are a freaking coward and a scum.

Everyone else seemed to be sitting calmly doing their own thing. When something like this happens, usually the elders rush in to break the fight but the old man was sitting in his chair playing on the phone, ignoring what was going on.

Those kids are probably scared for life, she showed not even an ounce of dignity. This is a textbook example of bad parenting.

She needs to go to jail for battery. The child protective service should take steps to ensure the welfare of the children.

She was damaging the minds of the poor children for merely $100. This kind of environment is toxic for the kids to grow up in, and this behavior destroys the odds of these kids actually grow up to be productive and normal part of the society.

This is the reason people like these should not have children.

They do not know or they do not care about the well-being of the children.

Fighting in front of children is the worst form of mental abuse that can damage the mind of children, which leads to depression and anxiety once they grow up.

Troubling childhood always stays with a person even if they are old. These kinds of things may seem trivial from an outsider’s perspective but they are rewiring the brains of these children.

Good parenting correlates to a successful career in later life, so don’t have babies if you have to behave like one yourself.

Watch the video yourself and decide:

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