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Creeper from back in high school makes a public move on his crush on Facebook to fail miserably

High School crushes are quite hard to forget, well that can be the case with a lot of people. Many people actually spend their time with regret of not trying to initiate something with their crush. Others just cross the boundaries of the first try and then regret about a bad encounter in past.

Well, the magic spot is to seek balance. Anything beyond the balance doesn’t stay for much longer, the cause and effect model plays its role and retires any unbalanced notion and deed.

Anyway, let’s direct the discussion to this guy who made a public move in the favour of seeking a girl. The guy had a crush on the girl since the high school but he couldn’t make his move. The time he made his move through a Facebook comment wasn’t appropriate since the comment he made is quite bizarre.

Facebook Creep

By god… your sweet olive skin paired with the way in which you cradle your handbag so delicately. I can see you savory desires from the way in which you put one leg in front of each other and gaze into the camera….I suppose I am lucky to just get a peak from that slightly transparent shirt. Oh heavens to betsy how I want to have you….

The last line of regret about how the guy wants to have the girl. That surely is beyond dignity. I mean, one can talk directly like this to a girl but leaving something publicly on Facebook definitely, makes you a creep.

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