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Cyclist shoots & hits motorbikers with FIREWORKS using home-made rocket launcher

Sometimes our reporting team fails to understand the reason behind the actions of certain people now look at this cyclist, he fires rockets towards the bike riders in an attempt to take his revenge of a possible assault. The rocket launcher which he can be seen using in the video seems to be a homemade thing. He uses his lighter to fire up the firecrackers and then he launches them in the direction of the bike in the hope to hit the guys riding it.

The accident was reported by Daily Mail and after hearing rocket launchers and high-speed chases almost everyone starts to think about games and movies but to our utmost surprise, such a thing actually happened in Italy. Angry cyclist continuously took an aim at the bikers and almost hit them several times as he fired firecrackers explosives from his bicycle frame.

The cyclist merged the two things which are quite common in movies and video games. He openly violated all the rules and continued to aim towards the bikers. In the beginning of the video if you watch closely then like us you too would suspect the two riders on the byke slapped the cyclist from behind. However, we are not sure about this assault incident, on the other hand, the assault of the bicyclist is quite clear.

The feeling motorbikers

The guy riding the bicycle loads his amateur firearm into a cylindrical hollow object, hung between his handlebars and the central body of the bicycle, and then fires it using a lighter. After firing the firecrackers he then aims towards the motorbike riders using the rotary mechanism of the cycle’s handle.


Multicoloured explosions of the firecrackers can be seen in the video happening ahead of the motorbike amidst the road. Why don’t you watch the video yourself?

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