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Dad gets girlfriend to molest her autistic son, 11, because he though he was homo

A couple, namely Sean Cole and Khadijah Moore is looking to a life in prison for the reason that he made his girlfriend molest his very own son because he feared the child was homo. What is even more disturbing that the son is only 11-year-old and also an autistic.

A jury in Alabama convicted them of molestation, sodomy and abuse of a child younger than 12.

This incident took place on Thanksgiving of the year 2016 when the boy was in Hunstivil to visit his father.

After his father found him in a compromising position with another boy, he feared him to be homo. And for that reason, he forced his girlfriend to molest him.

According to the testimony, she was forced to do the horrible acts.

It was solely that (Cole) was worried that his son was homo or might become interested in same sex,’ Douthit said.

‘There was no evidence he had a sexual attraction to his son or children. He just thought he could, for lack of better words, “straighten him out” .’

The boy lived in Georgia with his mother and when he returned home, asked her questions about sexual behavior that made her suspicious and she altered Huntsville police.

‘I have been prosecuting child sex crimes for a long time now, and this is the first time I’ve run into anything like this,’ Douthit said.

‘The most terrible part of this is the little boy still doesn’t understand it’s not his fault.’

Upon being interviewed by a forensic interviewer, the boy upon being asked about his thoughts while he was being molested, he replied ‘I was thinking why is my dad doing this to me. Dad said to tell no one. I failed him – I just told you.’

The boy is 13 years old now and is coping with all of this rather well.

‘But, he still thinks he’s the bad guy. It’s heartbreaking,’ he added.

Cole is in a jail while his girlfriend is a fugitive because she never showed up for trial after being released on bail.

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