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Daft guy tries to scam ‘White Woman’ online & gets trolled in the best way possible

Poor dude thought that the woman was stupid enough to fall for him but she was too sharp for him to handle. The entire conversation is quite funny and entertaining and keeping in view the witty stance of the woman the thread gets even more interesting. So, if you just keep on reading the embedded images then surely you are going to get more and more involved in the entire story.

This guy found this girl on Facebook and he started talking to her in order to scam her and get some benefit. Now, according to a normal trend, the scammers try to build some trust on their victim and then in a single move try to gain their advantage.

After the trust gets piled up, then the next move of the scammer is to break it and take its advantage. However, this guy started the entire conversation on a different note and he obviously left a deep imprint on the girl showing, “I’m the scammer, I’m here to fool you around.”

The entire story revolves around him being called with a different name and the girl trying to make fun of him through his foolishness. The guy wanted to take out $500 from the girl and he tried his best to play his cards right but in the end, he failed miserably.

He even tried to start some obscene conversation. He wanted to exchange some pictures with the girl as a side-advantage and the demand wasn’t met with something useful. Instead, the demand got coped up with another blunt joke played with the guy.

Look, Dude, I really hate rude words? So, I am now going to give you some ground rules,” said the girl. Then she made him do something really funny which anyone can’t expect to fulfil and only a fool would carry it out. She asked him to update his public status.

This guy is going nuts now! He couldn’t even realise that he was the one being played from the very beginning. However, he still looks like in hopes of finding his $500 from the girl which obviously he doesn’t own.

The story just keeps on piling up. It takes a strange turn every instant. The guy is like, “Please, baby do it, I am following everything which you are telling me.

The strange part is the profile of the guy. The girl isn’t even added to his friends but still, he is trying hard to play the role of a scammer at which he is failing miserably every second. The girl decided to do a little role play. She created a sort of western union.

The girl created the fake Western Union in order to give him some hint and to make fun of the guy. The guy wasn’t ready to digest any hint and he kept on prolonging the conversation.

Now, this is a funny end to the entire conversation and the girl made good use of the foolishness of the guy.

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