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Danielle Bregoli comments “Boys are WHACK!” following a recent Tirade

Danielle Bregoli just knows her way into the news, she has an art of launching comments in a mundane manner on others which become a centre of receiving belligerent remarks from people all around the globe. The girl got fame through Dr Phil’s show and in no way she’s going to grant her spot to any other newcomer, she knows the subtle art to remain in the front line.

A lot of people already dislike her as a celebrity, the phrase “Cash me Outside” got really famous and people started making memes on Danielle Bregoli. Later, Danielle Bregoli converted her nascent fame into somewhat permanent by launching her new rap videos.

Recently Danielle Bregoli was found beefing about the boys, relax Igy and Kylie this isn’t about you two guys. The TMZ got Danielle Bregoli following a show and asked her opinions about the famous valentine’s day. She showed a rogue attitude towards the event as if the day [valentine’s] held perfunctory values.

The reporter asked further and she said that she loved herself and all the boys were a WHACK. She called out almost 50% humans of the world. Further, the guy asked about her preference regarding the dating and finding the right kind of partner, the amazing response can be heard in the video uploaded by TMZ.

Oh, Poor Danielle, not all boys are alike, she must have had some foolish experience regarding the boys in the past. Definitely, her comment is going to offend quite a lot of people.

“That hair makes me want to swing her across that parking lot.” – a dude left comment on the video which shows the anger.

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