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Danielle Bregoli’s latest video ‘Hi Bich’ racks up 1M views in ‘One Day’

She is not going to take a break from getting more famous with the passage of time. The girl knows the art of earning a spot in the news and she is cashing her appearance really well from the day she met Dr Phil. People have lashed out Danielle a lot and they believe that she doesn’t deserve the position of a rapper and content creator just because she used shortcuts to enter the industry.

The popularity of Danielle is showing no sings of warning. Her new video Hi Bich has received more than 1M views in less than 24 hours which shows that people are really concerned about this emerging celebrity.

Danielle goes by the name Bhad Barbie. She has collaborated with the rappers like “Rich the Kid” and “YBN Namir” for the production.

The video!

She posted the success celebration of her new video in her Instagram story. “Hoe I do a million views on a slow day.” Slow Down Bregoli, you got lucky this time!

I’m dead sure that a lot of people are already criticizing the video and the lyrics. However, as the video is new so you must not have seen it already. If you want to watch the video and listen to the rap of your favourite, I mean your own Danielle Bregoli, then watch it below.

The video was posted on YouTube where it racked 1M views. It got posted on Worldstar Hip Hop where it got around 1.2 million views. The track was directed by John Rawlins which shows Danielle cruising around in a white Mercedes-Benz G.

Someone commented that the best part of the video is at 4:19, well nice pun indeed, you earned your respect.

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