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Dating profile has the ‘Best PROPOSAL’ any guy could ever want

A lot of people are more influenced towards using dating apps due to the internet boom. The communication is now being done at a better pace as compared to the past when the written letters were the only source. As I write this article I’m pretty sure that people all around the world might be having some matches on their respective dating applications. A guy came across a dating profile and all he could expect from a woman was mentioned in a few lines. The description of the profile was quite right to the point and the girl who had written it hadn’t expressed any signs of hypocrisy.


Anyone who might be into girls will find it amusing and be feted by the kind proposal.  Others might feel that the description is rather obscene and raunchy, well this is true. Not everyone might end up falling for such a direct approach but again being on a dating application and then restricting yourself from the reality, that isn’t an honest thing to perform.

Tinder is full of dating profiles but rarely is an event that a different kind of profile pops up. This is one of those profiles which leave the reader in so much surprise that they end up sharing it on the internet through a screenshot. This is not the first time we are featuring someone from the dating world. There are girls like the one embedded above who like to be honest with their fantasies. This is not a bad thing to do but one should take care of the moral boundaries too, it’s not the bare direct approach wrapped under the blanket of obscenity which works, moral grounds and cultural values do play a role.

What do you think about this profile? Will you date to swipe right or you’ll prefer ignoring the profile thinking it’s too intimidating? 

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